I am a first-year PhD student in Computer Science from Khoury College at Northeastern University, advised by Prof. Rose Yu. I received my Bachelor degree of Science in Applied Mathematics from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. My research interests include spatiotemporal learning and the physics-informed deep learning.


Incorporating Symmetry into Deep Dynamics Models for Improved Generalization
Rui Wang*, Robin Walters*, Rose Yu.
Under review at ICML 2020
Towards Physics-informed Deep Learning for Turbulent Flow Prediction
Rui Wang, Karthik Kashinath, Mustafa Mustafa, Adrian Albert, Rose Yu.
Under review at KDD 2020, Oral Presentation at ML4PS
Towards Physics-informed Deep Learning for Spatiotemporal Modeling of Turbulent Flows
Rui Wang, Karthik Kashinath, Mustafa Mustafa, Adrian Albert, Rose Yu.
Climate Informatics 2019
Prediction of Alzheimer's disease-associated genes by integration of GWAS summary data and expression data
Sicheng Hao*, Rui Wang*, Yu Zhang, Hui Zhan.
Frontiers in Genetics 2018


Machine Learning Research Intern

2019.05 - 2019.08
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA
  • Researched the challenging task of spatiotemporal modeling of velocity fields for nonlinear turbulent flows.
  • Developed a novel hybrid model, TF-net, that unifies RANS-LES coupling with custom-designed neural networks.

Research Assistant

2019.01 - 2019.04
Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  • Studied the applications of deep sequence models on long-term forecast of patients’ Aortic Pressure.
  • Conducted comprehensive experiments and evaluations with various deep sequence models, including Vector Regression, Recurrent Seq2Seq, Temporal CNN, Transformer, Multiscale NN, etc.

Teaching Assistant

2019.01 - 2019.04
Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  • Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence
  • Organized weekly paper discussion and assisted students with implementing deep learning models.

Data Science Co-op

2018.07 - 2018.12
Abiomed Inc., Danvers, MA
  • Best Co-op Prize
  • Conducted research on forecasting physiological parameters with various deep sequence models.
  • Applied Bidirectional LSTMs innovatively to the estimation of left ventricular volume time series.
  • Created Healthy Heart Index based on SVM for predicting patients’ survival probabilities in the next hour.

Content Editor

2018.09 - 2018.12
Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  • Game Data Science
  • Edited and reviewed all content related to machine learning theories.

Research Assistant

2018.04 - 2018.11
Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  • Proposed a new scheme for systematically evaluating TRACE (Teacher Rating and Course Evaluation) data.
  • Applied Binomial Regression Model and Likelihood Ratio test to finding the comparison group for each section.
  • Evaluated each section based on the Beta-Binomial model and proportions of 5’s and within its comparison group.


- Graduate Fellowship (2019)
- Outstanding Graduate (2017)
- Scholarship for Outstanding Learning (2014 - 2017)
- National Scholarship (2014)

Skills & Proficiency

Python & Pytorch

Tensor Flow & Keras

C & C++ & C# & SQL

Matlab & JavaScript